The NVCA's Engineering and Technical Services program provides science-based support for land and water resources management including natural heritage programs, as well as technical expertise to forecast and monitor floods and erosion.

The engineering department of the Authority has a number of responsibilities:

The program provides engineering, environmental monitoring, geographic information and information technology services in support of the Authority's mandate for the conservation of the environment, and the prevention of loss of life/reduction of flood damages. 

Broken into several separate but closely linked program groups, Engineering & Technical Services provides comprehensive water resource management to meet delegated responsibilities and technical support for overall Authority business functions: 

The Engineering Program reflects the engineering services provided to the Authority, outside of the Ministry of Natural Resources Grant program, to support administration of the regulations, non-eligible plan review, and other special projects. Plan review is the major activity in this program. The majority of the engineering work program is related to the Ministry of Natural Resources flood damage prevention program and the description of the work program is more fully described in Flood and Erosion Hazard Management.

The Geographic Information System and IT Support Program provides GIS services to support the Authority programs and provides IT support services for Authority staff through a network system. 

The Watershed Monitoring Program provides both aquatic and terrestrial biological support in three program areas, Watershed Health Monitoring Program, Natural Heritage System Program, and Special Projects.

The Groundwater Management Program is involved in multiple areas dealing with groundwater including Source Water Protection, the Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network, technical plan review, and special benefitting projects.

The Authority receives funding from the Ministry of Natural Resources for our Flood and Erosion Hazard Management Program. The funding supports the operation and maintenance of flood and erosion control structures, flood forecasting and warning, chronic ice management, watershed management and technical studies related to natural hazards.

In addition, staff participate in numerous special projects related to non-core program initiatives of mutual Authority, municipal and provincial interests. These projects provide an opportunity for additional funding related to changing Conservation Authority roles, political priorities and public expectations.