Plans & Financials

Plans & Financials

The 2012-2014  Business Plan provides direction for the immediate term for the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority. The 2014-2018 Strategic Plan provides a longer term view of the aims of the Authority.

The 2014 draft budget was approved by the Board of Directors on November 28, 2013 for distribution to municipalities.

Key Documents:

The Business Plan is developed annually by the Board of Directors and staff, who review past accomplishments to develop strategic actions and targets to advance the Authority's mission.

The Board's approval of the Business Plan provides guidance and specific direction for the implementation of the approved budget, and forecasts targets for the following two years.

The Business Plan includes program actions and financial forecasts; however, many are subject to provincial initiatives and mandates that can affect our program delivery, including: The Clean Water Act,  the Source Water Protection Plan development and implementation, the Intergovernmental Action Plan - Assimilative Capacity Study initiative and the Places to Grow and Green Belt Legislation.

OUR VISION - Innovative watershed management supporting a healthy environment, communities and lifestyles.  

OUR MISSION - Working together to lead, promote, support and inspire innovative watershed management.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES - We are committed to carrying out our responsibilities, providing services to our customers and working with our partners in a professional, accountable, responsible and dedicated manner.
We are:

  • an adaptive organization - constantly striving to improve; committed to anticipating change and thinking strategically.
  • a "can-do" organization - collaborative, decisive and efficient, committed to finding solutions that work for all.
  • a science-based organization - committed to using the best available watershed science and knowledge to inform decisions.
  • a professional organization - authentic and credible, respectful of all and receptive to the ideas of others.
  • an open organization - approachable, committed to customer service excellence, honest, open, transparent and effective.
  • a responsible organization - trustworthy, committed to fiscal prudence and the responsible use of resources.

To achieve our mission, we have five major objectives to consider, including:

  • Protect, enhance and restore water
  • Protect, enhance and restore land
  • Protect life and property from flooding and erosion
  • Provide educational and recreational opportunities for the public
  • Partner with our Watershed Municipalities, provincial/federal agencies,   Conservation Ontario, and other interested stakeholders to achieve mutual goals.

This Business Plan reflects our management principles, including:

  • Wise use: balancing socio-economic needs and ecological health within the watershed
  • Innovation and use of the best available technologies
  • Proactive and adaptive programs
  • Fair, open decision making process that balances individual and societal rights, privileges and responsibilities
  • Strong stakeholder communication, education and consultation
  • Streamlined, cooperative approach, emphasizing partnerships
  • Economic implications of all management actions
  • Science based, policy guided decision making         

Governance and Organization:
The Authority's watershed is a large geographic area, approximately 3700 sq. km, with jurisdiction in 18 municipalities. Based on the size of the Municipality, a representative(s) is appointed as a member of the Board of Directors. This Board is comprised of 24 members. Our members have a very important role and responsibility to represent the interests of their municipalities, consider the interests and needs of the Authority, and establish an effective reporting relationship with their municipal council and staff.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the general administration of the Authority, including program initiatives, approval of contracts and/or agreements, budget implementation and human resources. Our  Board governs the Authority through the approval of policies and procedures, annual budgets and other business decisions. 


The Business Plan incorporates the direction of the Authority's Communication Strategy focusing on delivering core messages to specific key audiences for each program area. 

Service Delivery:

The development of this Business Plan focuses on the following four key areas of concern:  Financial (stable funding), Growth Management, Legislation and Mandate changes, and Organizational Capacity.


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