The Planning program provides environmental planning expertise to guide municipal and other land-use planning decisions on a watershed basis, consistent with current applicable federal and provincial legislation and policies, authority policy and municipal planning policy.

Planning Services supports many Authority programs and directly contributes to the following objectives: Protecting, Enhancing and Restoring Water and Land; and Protecting Life and Property from Flooding and Erosion. 

Planning Services contributes to the Authority's objectives and targets and meets legislative requirements by providing watershed and ecosystem based planning advice. The information is provided in a timely and efficient manner, to guide municipalities, landowners and watershed stakeholders in the land use planning and authority regulation and permitting processes.

Planning Services provides leadership and expertise in ecosystem management by promoting planning on a watershed basis. This is achieved through cooperation, integration, and partnerships with our municipalities and other clients to implement the vision, goal, objectives and targets of the Authority's Watershed Plan.

Planning Services has three major components:

  • Plan Input and Review (Planning, Niagara Escarpment, Environmental Assessment Acts)
  • Conservation Authority Regulations and Permitting 
  • Strategic Planning ( Watershed/subwatershed plans and policy development)

Plan Input and Review:
This program provides input and review of planning and development applications involving the Authority's mandate under legislation such as Planning, Niagara Escarpment, and Environmental Assessment Acts.

Staff provide comments on Municipal Official Plans, Zoning Bylaws, subdivision and consent applications, Niagara Escarpment applications, and projects under the Environmental Assessment Act. In cases where applications conflict with provincial or Authority policy, staff may attend the Ontario Municipal Board hearings in support of those policies.

Conservation Authority Regulation and Permitting Program:
The purpose of the Conservation Authority Regulation (called The Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses Regulation) is the protection of public safety and the environment. This Regulation affects what and where a Conservation Authority can regulate through the permitting process. Specifically this regulation allows Conservation Authorities to:

  • Prohibit, regulate or provide permission for straightening, changing, diverting or interfering in any way with the existing channel of a river, creek, stream, watercourse or changing or interfering with a wetland.
  • Prohibit, regulate or provide permission for development if the control of flooding, erosion, dynamic beaches, pollution or the conservation of land may be affected by the development.

Want to know if you're property falls within the boundaries of this regulation? Find your property on the map then link to the appropriate map number - please be patient, the map may take a while to download.

Click to see a map of our watershed showing enforcement jurisdiction contacts.

NVCA Regulatory, Planning Act & Resource Management Roles - click here

Strategic Planning:
This component of Planning Service provides the strategic direction for all Authority programs. This includes preparing updates and reviews of the Watershed Plan and preparing subwatershed plans for particularly sensitive areas. The Watershed Plan involved the collection of information in order to understand the conditions, functions, and water related issues with strategies and recommendations to address them. Subwatershed Plans provide more details on the ecological features and functions, specific issues, and strategies and recommendations to address them at a more local level. Strategic planning also reviews the need for and prepares local NVCA policies, where provincial policies are absent or not adequate, (e.g. a pond policy) to assist in meeting our watershed objectives and targets.

NVCA Fees Related to Planning & Development
Click to view the NVCA's policy to charge fees for service related to planning and development and related activities under Section 21(m.1) of the Conservation Authorities Act.

The fee schedule for service provided in reviewing planning applications is reviewed annually.  

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