Watershed Monitoring

Watershed Monitoring

NVCA Watershed Report Cards - A Summary of Watershed Health

NVCA creates two sets of watershed status reports, which are updated every five years.

Provincial Watershed Report Cards
Along with many of the 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario, the NVCA produces a Watershed Report Card. This was designed by Conservation Authority staff under the guidance of Conservation Ontario in order to allow a province-wide snapshot of water quality, forest conditions, groundwater quality and wetlands based on a common set of measurements and criteria. These were launched for the first time during International Water Week in 2013.

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Watershed and Subwatershed Health Checks
The NVCA began producing Subwatershed Report Cards in 2007. They provide a broad overview of forest, stream and wetland health and provide recommendations for the protection of healthy systems and restoration of degraded areas.

In 2013, these were relaunched with the title "Health Check" to ensure a distinction between these and the provincial Watershed Report Cards. These Health Checks provide a more detailed review of stream health and stewardship and use a slightly different set of measures for health assessment and trend analysis.

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2013 Subwatershed Health Checks:





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